WOMEN <女人>系列公益广告

Client - HEBE AESTHETICS     2017.12

In this modern society, women are still been treated unfairly due to several reasons - men think they are not cable of solving things, or treat them unfairly especially in Asia. I want to raise some attention of these warriors, thus I drew this women series to help the world understand what problems the women in Asia are witnessing.     在这个现代社会女性群体总是会遇到很多不工正的待遇,尤其是在亚洲。她们缺乏自由,缺乏关心,甚至一举一动都被掌控之中。我希望能通过这个系列来唤起世界对于女性群体的关心,来体谅这群真正的战士。